An Ancient Story of Wine

Benedetti La Villa evokes, on one hand, the name of the Benedetti family, who have cultivated and produced wine on the estate since the 19th century. It also recalls the Roman villa unearthed on the property dating from the 2nd and 3rd century AD. This ancient villa was rediscovered in 1887, where it had been buried 7 meters underground. The excavation, non longer visible today, brought to light marvelous mosaic pavements; fragments of which, are currently on exhibition in the Museo di Arte Antica di Verona.

Because of this archeological discovery, “La Villa” has been associated with the name of the Benedetti family for many years. In the estate’s logo is a stylized version of one of the characters represented in the mosaics, the Black Charioteer of Negrar, who drives a chariot pulled by two racehorses, their heads decorated by grape leaves.