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The collaboration and the authentic friendship between Benedetti family, the authors of the project Austores “Vino con l’Arte e Arte col vino” (wine with Art and Art with wine), the director of Casa Museo Antonio Ligabue and the Rovesti family, gave birth to an artistic wine depicting on its label the painting “I tori del fiume” (the bulls of the river), realized by the naif author Bruno Rovesti in 1953. The special combination of wine and art created this unique wine. The soul of the painting is rich in spectacular colouring characterized by a strong chromatic intensity and a great harmony, and exactly this soul has been transferred to the wine, that distinguishes itself for the intense complexity, freshness and pleasantness.

Organoleptic profile

A full red ruby colour, with scents of black pepper, cherry, blackberry, violet, sweet almonds. On the palate is smooth, characterized by a full body and an elegant acid note. The finish suggests some note of liquorice.