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A dry, generous and robust red wine, owing to the rigorous culling of the partially dried estate grapes (uve passite) and the attentive vinification and selection of the best wine. The culmination of three generations of experienced winegrowers from Valpolicella and the intense passion and dedication of the Benedetti brothers, Matteo and Simone.

A fine wine for aging, of an impenetrable ruby red. The spectrum of aromas is intense and intriguing with notes of sour cherry, dried plums, nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla.

Round, enveloping and well structured. The nose is in harmony with the palate. Persistent, elegant licorice finish.

The meeting and friendship of the Benedetti family and Doctor Giuseppe Caleffi the Director of the Museo Antonio Ligabue di Gualtieri, Paolo Chinnici the president of the Associazione la Confraternita dell’Amarone and Vini Rari, and the associates Marco Fornari and Stefano Tenini have allowed for the realization of this unique series of a few precious numbered bottles that celebrates the union between art and wine.

On the label is a beautiful and moving self-portrait of the painter Antonio Ligabue, which is on exhibition at the Casa Museo Antonio Ligabue di Gualtieri.



Recommended with wild game, fine roasted meats and aged cheeses.


Open two hours before serving, serve at 18°-20°C (64°-68°F).

Percent Alcohol: